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Perù Fortunato N.4 Single Origin Chocolate

Weight: 70gr

Ingredients: Peru Pure Nacional cocoa mass 70% and cane sugar

This is the first Italian chocolate made with the Peruvian “Pure Nacional” cocoa beans. Lost for over one hundred years and considered extinct, the mother plant with the DNA of this ancient variety was found only a few years ago in the farm of Don Fortunato, in the heart of the Marañón River Canyon. A progressive work of cloning has now made it possible to give back to the world a first, very limited sample of this cocoa which, besides being very rare, is also very precious: its seeds are in fact light purple and, for 40%, white and give different aromas of fruit, flowers and hazelnuts. The 70 gr. bar is composed of: cocoa beans Peru Pure Nacional 70% and cane sugar.